Node.js – simplify your (back) life

Node.js – simplify your (back) life

Cristian Ghinea, teacher of Node.js basics course, tell us about advantages of this open source and how it can facilitate developing of real-time apps.

I have been a developer for more than 6 years and I have started with PHP for backend (server) development. I always thought it will be nice to have either JavaScript on frontend (visual part of the site) and backend, or PHP on both frontend and backend. Since JavaScript is native in the web browser then Node.js came along. It greatly simplified my work because you have to learn only the semantics for one programming language. Yes, there are differences between the front end back environments, but nonetheless the advantages are huge. Also things have evolved in the database area. I performed JavaScript queries in the NoSQL database, which I found out to be easier and natural in most cases.

If you are interested in seeing how the backend of a server works, how the information is retrieved from database after entering an web address, then this course will be of interest for you. Learn how to process the request and send the message back to the web browser, mobile app in an API call. Also you will learn the backbone of how the communication between the server and client works with Node.js by using both web browser and POSTMAN application.

If you already know JavaScript (the most popular programming language), then the transition to Node.js is easier.

If not then you have have the advantage to learn the same programming language for full-stack development. The term MEAN stack comes from MongoDB (database management), Express (module in Node.js for writing server functionalities), AngularJS (for building the frontend of the site or app), Node.js (backend development). Also exists the term MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js), where React is used for frontend development. You can read more at and

If you are interested in building fast and real-time apps on your Windows, Mac or Linux then Node.js is good for you. Besides being an beneficiary you can contribute to open-source development with your own modules and upload them to github or submit them to npmjs.

Do you know your app will be a big one? Learn more about how Routing can help you divide functionalities on your web server.

Do you need to handle secure sections? Then learn more about JWT (JSON Web Tokens), which will help you authenticate and pass secure tokens with the expiration date you desire.

If you want to be a full-stack guru in web development then JavaScript and Node.js will ease your journey. Join this course and have a safe trip!