8fit, new startup of Pablo Villalba

There is no need for a presentation, Pablo, if you could just tell us who you are and what were your roles and technical responsibilities in Teambox (Redbooth).
2014-11-26 12.12.25I spent five years building Teambox from scratch. As it usually goes with founders, I had to build a technical team around myself and learn all kinds of new skills: product design, technical topics, marketing and operations.During the prototype phase, I was very involved with the product design and feedback from early users.
Once we started generating revenue, I shifted to user acquisition: getting us reviews, press or simply buzz on social media. Twitter was a good source of users for us at the time.
As the team scaled up, operational stuff took a larger chunk of my time: funding, recruiting, dealing with larger customers, splitting time between Barcelona and California, etc.
My role kept changing depending on what the company needed. It’s been quite a ride!
Congratulation for your partial exit (1.8) on RedBooth. Now 8fit...Did you have the need of starting again?
 As Redbooth matured, I missed the agility of working with a small team and a simple product. Since the team at Redbooth didn’t need me anymore, I decided that it’d be best to go through the process again.
I realized that fitness, a new hobby of mine, was becoming more popular and I decided to build a mobile app around it. A few friends decided to join, and it feels great to use all our previous experience in a new field.
Traveling around the world and learning about other cultures while you were creating 8fit...Why? What is the meaning?
 You don’t always get the chance to travel as a lifestyle. Family and work gets in the way, and it’s sad. Since we’re just starting a new company, this is the perfect moment to do it… so right now I’m writing this from Thailand, and I hope to keep exploring Asia in the next months. Why wouldn’t I?
About 8fit What is it? 
 8fit is a fitness app that combines HIIT workouts and meal plans. We help people get in shape by giving them the simplest program that works.
A lot of people think “I should get some exercise, so I’ll just start running”. That’s ok, but it’s also time-consuming and hard to do at home. We offer interactive workouts that really work, and since you can do them from your living room there’s really no excuse.
Most users drop their first couple kilos after 5 sessions, and many of them get addicted in a good way. That’s a huge motivation for us as a team.
The app is available for iOS and Android as a free download.
 Which technologies did you use in 8fit?
 It’s a mix of hybrid apps for iOS and Android, Javascript and Ruby on Rails for the backend.
Members of the 8fit team, who they are?
 In order of joining, we’re Pedro Solá, Alba Moreno, Francesc Gómez, Pedro Piñera and Xavier Linares. We’re a small team, but really happy with the speed we’re delivering at – we’re serving a userbase of almost 100.000 users in our sixth month!
Few weeks ago we had Pedro Piñera in GeeksHubs. What do you think about GeeksHubs, Pedro?
DSC_0276I knew the space but I hadn’t had the opportunity to work there and when Pablo told me about it I thought it would be great to work there for some days that I was in Valencia. I think you have built a great community and ecosystem with a lot of startups like us giving their firsts steps and sharing their ideas. I was welcomed by Geekshubs and they helped me in whatever I needed. It was a pleasure for me to work there, and meet some people that belong to the GeeksHub community. 
We look forward to spending some time in Spain and Valencia – can’t wait to see what you guys are putting together at GeeksHubs!